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Birthday Clubs

Blue Monkey has created a strategic business growth system specifically for restaurants,designed to help you achieve consistent
and predictable growth.Our primary focus areas are based on principles every business needs to consistently see increase.
We’ve pioneered a proven growth system for restaurants that will help your business:

Increase sales

 Generate a consistent flow of new customers

 Increase brand identity & customer loyalty

 Improve repeat business

While at the same time building a database of customers you can market to throughout the year.


We call it “Celebration Marketing”

The Value of a Customer Profile

While customer profiling, collecting customer data, has been around for decades, new ways of collecting the data are literally levelling the playing field, allowing brick-and- mortar businesses to take back the advantage Big Business has held over them for years

Best ROI I've Seen

After more than 10 years as a Restaurant owner,
I have never seen a way to attract and keep new customers like this.
Thanks Blue Monkey.
Ryan Diess
Dallas Marcone

According to a Recent Study by the National Restaurant Association

  • Over 70% of Americans eat out on their Birthdays
  • The average Birthday table is a party of 4-5
  • The average Birthday spend is $87

Discover how Blue Monkey helps Restaurants increase foot traffic, sales and customer retention upwards of 45%

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