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Driving Sales to Retail Stores Through Marketing Automation

As a Retail Business, we all too often get caught up so much in the day to day operations that we overlook consistent marketing. With the Innovations and Technology available now, virtually all your marketing can be automated. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Problem Solved

“I was really struggling to come up with a way to retain our customers until Blue Monkey set up a complete automated system for us. My retention has grown to more than 65% and increasing.“
Emily Gibson
Triad Fitness

Technology, approaches and systems are constantly changing, but the basic sales principals remain the same.

Blue Monkey works with businesses to leverage proven marketing solutions to achieve the dramatic growth that all businesses strive toward.
We achieve that for our clients using strategically based, rock solid marketing.


Lead Generation

There are many definitions for Lead Generation but it all comes down to one thing, “Bringing new prospects into your sales pipeline and turning them in to Loyal Customers. Blue Monkey works side-by-side with you to build a totally automated strategy and system that drives new business to you every day, week month. Whether it’s a retail, service or manufacturing customer profile, we build it together and make it totally trackable so you know exactly your ROI. Total transparency.

Internal Marketing

It takes 6-7 times more $$$ to bring in a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Yet most companies focus on bringing in new business on 80% of their marketing. Why overlook the folks who already like you and trust you. Internal marketing like, loyalty clubs, building and utilizing a customer data base to market to over and over again, special offers to your loyal customers on slow days, using Facebook Checkins to have your customers advertise for you through word of mouth. There’s more…

Celebration Marketing

People celebrate their Birthdays, Anniversaries and more. Blue Monkey can bring those celebrations to your Restaurant or Business and rapidly increase your sales while building a strong database of customers you can market to over and over again.

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

We specialize in bringing leads in through not just one bit 5 techniques, all built to keep your brand top of mind. Most new customers/clients require 8-10 touches (contacts) to finally make a buying decision. We combine SMS, email, MMS, and Ring less Voice Mail to bring you the results you expect. All on automatic.​

Wifi Lead Capture

Imagine that as a customer enters or even walks close to your business, they receive a text msg or voice mail from you. Announce your specials, let them know of upcoming events, let your imagination and our creativity make it drive more business. Not only has that but also collected customer data so you can continue to message them in future campaigns.

Lead Managment

Once you have captured your customer data ( name-phone-email at the min. ) what do you do next. Blue Monkey believes that Internal Marketing is the most cost efficient way to grow your business. Increase customer Loyalty-Retention-Frequency-grow additional spending and Referrals. Our systems are state-of-art automation strategies that grows your customer profile data base. Focus on the people who already love your business and your products (food). We can show you how to grow your business by 30% or more while decreasing your marketing costs. All with totally trackable ROI.

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