Internal Marketing

Your existing Customer is You Best Customer

Untapped Profit Centers 

Every Business has untapped marketing centers hiding in plain site

Most Businesses are not maximizing the Opportunity to re-sell to their existing


They focus almost entirely on getting new business

  So Why is that a Problem

It costs 6-7 times less to get an existing customer to buy from you compared to

acquiring a new customer

Blue Monkey implements Strategies that Focus on those

 Important existing Customers


Strengthen Your Bottom Line with a Quality Customer Loyalty Program

Internal Marketing campagins include Loyalty Clubs.

Find out how it will boost your bottom line


We were having trouble getting our customers to come in more often.
We love our customers and showed them how much when we set up
several techniques that gave them a reason to return. I Love it.
Julia Adams
Charlotte Bistro

Increase Your Profit Immediatly Without New Customers

More Revenue.More Customers.Guaranteed Growth

…Would you like a guarnteed way to increase sales whenever you desire?

…Would you like to fill your restaurant on your slow days?

…Would you like to make more money from your exsisting customers

How We Help You Grow

We install a VIP customer loyalty program in your restaurant,so you can immediatly make more money from your exsisting customer



VIP Loyalty Clubs

Your current customers already Love your Restaurant and the Food you serve (Although this works well for many other businesses) So why not focus on them? Blue Monkey will build an Internal Campaign that actually drives them back over and over again. We have the experience and Technology to enhace your bottom line while building customer loyalty at the same time.

Text Marketing

Blue Monkey works with you to build a solid database of your customers which includes names, email, phone numbers and more. So when you’re having a slow day, send a FLASH Specialand watch the traffic flow in. Coupons can easily be sent using text so they may use it today only or 30 days from now, your choice. The possibilities to drive traffic are endless

Facebook Check-Ins

It is often said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Imagine if each customer who came in used the Facebook Check-in feature on Facebook, took a photo of the restaurant or the food he ordered and hit the send button on FB. Hundreds of their friends would see it and know how much fun they are having at your restaurant. Blue Monkey can set this up for you and you can just sit back and enjoy all the referral business.

Redeemable Coupon Offers

Blue Monkey has the technology to send a redeemable coupon straight to your customers’ mobile phone. It is redeemable at the time of purchase, cannot be used again (unless you choose to have it repeat) and even has an expiration date. Just imagine if you were able to send out offers on demand and save the cost of print, flyers or newspaper. Drive in customers with state-of-the-art Technology

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