Lead Generation

Do you want more Leads?
Do you not have enough time to pursue new leads?
Do you follow-up more than 2x when you get a lead?
How often have you had 10-100 new leads a week?
What do you do when you get a new Lead?
Why is your business not growing?




Meet Blue Monkey Lead Gen

What is the Flow of a Qualified Lead

• Identify Your Exact Customer Profile
• Develop a Firm Long and Short Term Goal
• Decide What You Want that Lead to Do
• Establish an Automated Follow-up System
• Agree on where these leads will go in Your sales Pipe-Line
• Understand that Quality Leads combined with a detailed Follow-up System + Your Personal Sales Skills =Success

Five Steps to Effective Lead Management

We focus so much on generating new leads we sometimes over-look what to do with those leads.

They don’t help just sitting on the shelf without action. See how to Improve.

I work hard to give quality time to my clients which leaves me less time to find new business.
Blue Monkey put me into a Lead Gen Campaign and now I have a consistent flow into my pipeline.
They even set up an automated follow-up system.
Robert Hamm
Focus Future

The Cycle of Good Lead Generation

Blue Monkey Works with you to:

1. Find your Ideal Customer
2. Develop a Client Building Campaign for Consistent Leads
3. Establish a Fully Automated Follow-up Campaign
4. Work with You and Your sales Team on the use of a Full Featured CRM
5. Design Scripts for Your Follow-up Conversations

Our Only Job is to Grow Your Business

                      Leads – Leads – Leads

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